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Read the article Growing Up Locked Up and view the video Kids Behind Bars (or a longer video Stickup Kid). Then, go the web page Should Teens be Tried as Adults. Read the stories of each of the four juveniles. Finally, looking back at Discussions 2, 4, 7 and 8. Present mitigating factors for each the four (4) teens [in the PBS Frontline article] that would support each one remaining in juvenile court. Please provide specific reasons for each juvenile.
Discussion 2  was about the stages of brain development in teenagers and how it highlights or explains the decision-making abilities of teens.
Discussion 4 was about juveniles  being  labeled in negative ways.
Discussion 7 talks about juveniles  being sexually abused and neglected. 
Discussion 8 was about how early experiences affect brain development of juveniles 
Links to articles and videos.
Kids behind bars -
Should teens be tried as adults –
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